How Cheap is Cheap Hosting For You?

No one wants to pay more for less. That is why people always look for solutions when it comes to making choices. This is the same in the web hosting industry. For one who has no idea what they are dealing with, it could be difficult for them to make the ideal choice for their web hosting needs. It is always a good way to pay for what’s worth for your investment and getting a cheap but effective hosting is not easy but by knowing what you need, you can find a suitable one according to your budget.

The key to getting a cheap hosting is to know what you need in the beginning. Some people may be able to foresee or plan years ahead but things are never sure. Often, web hosting companies require high chargers for upgrades on web hosting. Therefore, some people chose to pay for more in advanced. However, there are those who choose to start slow and upgrade later. But sometimes, this may backfire because the cost for upgrading could be even more than expected. So, it is vital that you know what you need in the beginning when you are searching for a web hosting solution.

The debate about cost versus effectiveness is always ongoing in the web hosting industry. We would all like to pay less and get more but it is often not the case. If we want better quality products, it is always the same story, pay more for it. Therefore, there is no such cheap hosting that can provide you with amazing features. This is because web hosting companies also invested in their company and need the profit to make back their money. So, when you see hosting providing unbelievable resources, try to keep your mind clear because it is unlikely that a company can survive by charging a measly fee.

So, if you are getting a cheap web hosting for your website, you will end up paying more in the future if your business begins to take off. Unless you do not want your business to expand, cheap hosting will definitely require you to upgrade. It is only the matter of time until you do so. In conclusion, getting a cheap hosting is definitely possible but in the long run; it may be a wrong choice. Instead of saving a few dollars, you might end up with a faulty and ineffective website.

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Cheap Hosting Traps to Avoid

Searching for cheap hosting plans reminds me of the old story about the lady who found a beautiful snake dying by the side of the road. Entranced by the snakes beauty she picked the poor reptile up and carried it home where she lovingly nursed it back to health. She was so pleased when the snake recovered that she hugged him, and the snake promptly bit her. As she lay dying, she asked the snake how he could bite her after she had treated him so kindly. The snake replied, “not my fault lady, you knew I was a snake when you took me in.”

The moral of the story is that just because something looks good on the surface it does not necessarily mean that it’s good for you. Some cheap hosting plans are like that. On the surface they appear to be a great deal, but if you look closely at the offer you will find the true nature of the beast. Here are a few things to watch out for:

-Contradictory Statements
-Hidden Prices
-Bad Reviews
-Unadvertised limitations
-Locked Contracts

Contradictory Statements

Some cheap hosting providers offer what appears to be huge quantities of web space and bandwidth plus the ability to host unlimited domains on one account. On the surface this appears to be a great deal. However, once you begin adding additional domains with moderate to heavy traffic, your bandwidth may not support the load, resulting in a complete shutdown of all your web sites. In addition, if your hosting provider limits the quantity of files on your account, the addition of more domains could easily exceed the file limitations in a very short time.

I recently read a statement on a popular cheap hosting site which boasts over a million customers. The owner stated that should you have an unresolved problem, you simply had to contact him and he would personally see to it that the issue was resolved for you. Amazing! Let’s look at that offer closely. Let’s say that on any given day only one percent of the million customers were dissatisfied with the support they received and took the owner up on his offer. The owner would receive 10,000 emails which, if his claim is to be believed, he would have to deal with personally. Could you give 10,000 people your personal attention every day? Frankly, rather than finding his offer of personal intervention reassuring, I found it a bit disturbing. Why, I wondered, did the owner feel the need to make such an offer? Does he or she have doubts as to the competency of the support staff to satisfy his customers? Has the company lost customers because of dissatisfaction with the support system. Although the company may indeed offer excellent support, claims such as this could indicate the need for closer scrutiny.

Hidden Prices

Every cheap hosting provider splashes the low priced cost of their hosting plans in big bold type on the web page. But is that the actual price or a special discount price you get for paying up to three years in advance? Some cheap hosting providers only offer annual payment plans, while others charge a higher fee if you prefer to pay on a monthly basis. In some cases, you would actually have to pay up to three years in advance to obtain the advertised hosting price.

Bad Reviews

Before selecting a hosting provider, you should do a search for reviews of the company. An old adage in marketing is that a satisfied customer may tell one person about a company while a dis-satisfied customer will tell five people about their experience. Failure to find any reviews at all is not necessarily a bad sign, since this can be attributed to several factors, such as the company’s size, age, and whether they offer an affiliate program. On the other hand, if your search reveals a substantial number of bad reviews then that hosting provider is probably not the right choice for your web site.

Unadvertised limitations

Almost every hosting provider limits the quantity of emails you may send out per hour. The reason for this is that sending out emails in large quantities can substantially slow down the server’s response time. On a shared server, this can affect not only your own site but many other customers sites as well. Not all cheap hosting providers tell you this in advance. Some wait until you exceed your limits then promptly suspend your account and even charge you additional fees for the excess emails you sent.

Frankly, If you will be sending out mass mailings then you should use an auto-responder service for the tasks. In addition to saving a great deal of time on your mailings, auto responder services offer a host of features such as scheduling your mailings to go out on specified days, tracking capabilities and spam bot workaround software that will help you increase the profit potential of you emails.

As stated earlier, some cheap hosting providers also set limitations on the quantity of files you can upload to your site. If you operate a large web site, you could find yourself dealing with sudden shutdowns of your web site and lost data since some providers have been known to erase files when a customer exceeds their limits.

Another often unadvertised limitation is the use of scripts. Before purchasing your hosting plan, make sure the scripts you want to run on your site are allowed by the provider, otherwise you may find your site shutdown and your account suspended until the script is removed.

If the hosting provider offers templates for building your website, be sure to read the fine print carefully. Some providers only allow you to use the templates while you maintain an account with them. If you decide to move your site to another provider later, you may find you have to rebuild your entire site from scratch.

Locked Contracts

Read the contract or Terms of Service carefully before you commit to purchase a hosting plan. Some providers require written notice in advance of cancellation of your account. Others may delete your files after a specified number of days past due. If you decide to switch to a dedicated server, some providers will demand payment for the full term of your shared hosting agreement.

As with any business arrangement, take time to read the fine print carefully before you commit yourself to an agreement to purchase any cheap hosting plan. The small amount of time you invest now could save you hours of time and quite a lot of money in the future.

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Still Dealing With Cheap Hosting Reseller Accounts?

Are you still dealing with those so-called “cheap hosting reseller account”?

Well, if so, then my question to you would have to be, “why”?

Today, we have the ability to take that whole concept to a whole new level. Also, it’s a level that you simply just can’t reach with one of these basic reseller accounts.

Wouldn’t it be a much better idea, if you could sell your own hosting under your very own name, or else your company name?

Without question, the answer would have to be, yes!

How does this benefit you?

Simple, instead of always representing some other company like Hostgator, or Bluehost, for example, you are building your brand as your own business entity.

Cheap hosting reseller accounts are actually becoming a part of the past. There are companies out there, that completely allow you to build your own brand, instead of theirs. They also, allow you to do so, often times for much less that you would with a reseller account.

Branding yourself and your business has huge advantages when it comes to working online. You are seen as a professional and somebody to be listened to.

You want to be building a business where people want to buy from you, and not keep building the image of the other company you might represent.

It’s your image that is important, not theirs. The hosting companies that simply offer the cheap hosting reseller accounts no this as well.

It’s almost like they are turning you into their little guinea pigs, for their own personal gain.

With so many options today, it’s a grave mistake to let them get all of the exposure and notoriety.

Don’t make this mistake, and take advantage of what is available to you these days.

Forget the cheap hosting reseller accounts, and start building yourself your own identity with private label hosting today!

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Good Things You Get With Cheap Hosting

When it comes to buying things, we will always notice and look for cheaper price tags. It doesn’t matter what it is, we just do that. It is our nature and sometimes, we fall into the trap off buying something cheap but not useful. In the web hosting industry, cheap hosting is one of the hottest topics when people discuss about the quality, the resources and whether or not it is advisable to go for one. However, with the improvement in technology, once a lousy type of hosting has now improved and it is enabling many users to set up websites using very little money.

The thing is, users on the internet do not always need huge resources to set up their website. most of the time, what they need is the basics and it is ideal for anyone who wants to set up a website regardless of what his purpose is. Nowadays, cheap hosting deals can give you many advantages like:

– Cost
– Storage Space
– Monthly Bandwith
– Choice of operating system
– Functionality

Firstly, the greatest advantage that cheap web hosting has is the low cost. Many people would decide based on this comparison it and many won’t even bother to look at the resources that a package has to offer if the price is out of their range. Therefore, having a low start up cost could win customer’s heart in many ways. It is because of the low cost of it, there are numerous websites being created every day.

Although you won’t get advance features like you would get in a higher price hosting package but you can still get the basics from a cheap hosting plan. These basics should be enough for any customers to build their website.

As for the amount of storage you can get? You would be able to expect anything from 5GB to 75 GB depending on the provider. If you get 75GB of storage space, it is a huge amount of storage for the price that you are paying. So, disk space is not something that a user would have to worry about because they usually have more than enough for their disposal.

Next, we have the bandwidth to talk about. Most of the cheap hosting providers out there are offering anything between 100GB to 600GB of bandwidth per month. This amount is very generous if you think about the price you have to pay for it.

Users will also have the ability to choose the type of operating system that they want to use for their website. Normally, they will be given the choice of either a Linux or a Windows server. They both have their advantages and users can decide on which one they want to go for.

As for the functionality, cheap hosting takes care of it because even new or first time web masters will be able to build a website or a web page with ease. This is because they are provided with the tolls to do it. So, they don’t have to be an expert in programming or anything that has to do with designing.

So, as a conclusion, choosing a cheap web hosting can actually be a good choice if you calculate the amount of resources that you will be getting for the price that you are paying. Having said so, it is not recommended for all types of websites. But it is definitely suitable for personal sites like blogs that you use for your own use.

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